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Search Engine Optimization - Favicon.

Favicons are also knows as shortcut or bookmark icons and are the little image that is displayed next to the website’s name in your browser tab. The favicon rounds off a website and gives a polished and well-designed look.

Uploading a customised favicon to your website will help to create your brand image and increase favourable user interactions with your website. When a user has multiple tabs open in a browser, an eye-catching favicon may be just what draws them back to your website instead of just closing the browser when they are done.

Favicons are becoming an industry standard as newer browsers expect them to be present on a website and can sometimes refuse to display a website if it does not have a favicon. This may be an error on the browser’s part, but think about all the missed opportunities due to your website not displaying correctly.

Favicons can also increase user traffic to the website. As a user goes through their bookmarked sites, favourite sites, or even their browser history – a favicon may be just what causes them to revisit the site. Users may even browse their bookmarks visually relying only on favicons instead of paying attention to URLs.

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