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Search Engine Optimization - Optimize Navigation.

Navigation is one of the key ways to keep users on your website and engage them with your content. The easier it is to navigate your website, the longer they will stay on it and explore the content. Optimized navigation is also essential to help search engine robots crawl your pages and index them faster. By having navigation structure that is logical an easy to follow, users can get to the pages they want to see faster and access the information they need.

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More on Optimize Navigation.

SEO Optimize Navigation

Optimizing navigation can be done through the following:

  • Setting up a universal navigation menu – either at the top or at the side of page. This acts as hub that can quickly direct visitors to the part of the site that they want to visit.
  • Avoid drop down menus when possible as they are not compatible with some tablet devices and always keep drop down menus in HTML.
  • If you have plenty of items on a single page, add a filter that helps users sort the content into categories that they are interested in.
  • Ensure that your navigation options are worded correctly and make it easy for users to identify where they are headed on the page.
  • Always make sure your visitor knows where they are in the navigation by drawing attention to their position on the menu.
  • Do not overload your menus with options as this will confuse visitors, rather list all the major sections, and let the navigation work from there.

When optimizing navigation always remember to test as you work in order to assure that your navigation strategy is working properly and not linking incorrectly.


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